The Wolf Hall Picture Book

Created in collaboration with Ben Miles and Hilary Mantel.

A psychobiography of the life of Thomas Cromwell that combines colour photographs with commentary and extracts from The Wolf Hall Trilogy, some of them previously unpublished. The book reveals a world that is shadowy, frightening, sometimes whimsical - a portrait of a country in conversation with its past.

20 x 24cm, 128 pages



Occasional Picture Stories

Pristine Edifice re-published and extended with an accompanying text alongside pictures and writing from James Marvin, Bill Boling, and Dawn Kim

Fall Line Press and Outlaw Books

Letterpress cover with French flaps

15 x 21 cm, 55 pages

Wire stitched

48 pictures & 4 texts

Edition of 44


Hemlockstone Press

Serendib is an ancient Persian name for the island of Sri Lanka from which Horace Walpole derived the word serendipity. This book is an attempt to connect with the energies of an unfamiliar land through chance encounters.

21x15cm, 62 pages

Perfect bound with dust jacket

edition of 50

Pristine Edifice

Self published artist's book

A meditation on America whilst strolling along a back street of Coney Island. A eulogy for a country on the brink of madness and self harm. A love poem to 80s Corvettes.


Hand sewn

Edition of 7

King's Landing

Outlaw Books

King's Landing is a psychogeographical guidebook to the island of Lokrum that weaves deadpan colour photographs with selected text from tourism websites.

Perfect Bound

14 x 21cm, 48 pages

Edition of 150

Where Druids Died

Antler Press

A response to the island of Anglesey, last enclave of the Druids. A land still vibrating with memory of their slaughter by the Romans in AD 60.

2 unique screen printed covers

15x21cm, Wire stitched

Edition of 100

Views of Matlock Bath

Black Dog Publishing

Enchanted woods, car parks, picnic benches, and grand views; nature and the man-altered, tenderly described with an empathy for the immutable spirit of the land. The book channels the visual tropes of Landscape, many of which were consolidated within this valley.

30x26.5cm, Hardback

96 pages


Bramcote Park

MagCloud, print on demand

Book one. Midsummer. The first part of the journey between The Hemlockstone and Lenton Abbey. Colour photographs of a park showing traces of use, abuse, and management alongside lists of the people and creatures that use it.

20.5 x 27.3cm

Perfect bound

Bramcote Hills

MagCloud, print on demand

Book two. Harvest. At the time of photographing the site had been abandoned for two years (now being used for other recreational activities: dog walking, casual trespassing, and photography, to name a few) The only signs of its former purpose being found within traces upon the land (or Google Maps)

20.5 x 27.3cm

Perfect bound

Bramcote Ridge

MagCloud, print on demand

Book three. Spring. Found images from The Enemy of the Rose combine with images from a walk along Bramcote Ridge to slice through space and time.

20.5 x 27.3cm

Perfect bound

Lenton Abbey

MagCloud, print on demand

Book four. Autumn. Colour photographs taken along a straight line that pierces car parks, deer parks, sports grounds, and medieval texts.

20.5 x 27.3cm

Perfect bound

Lenton Priory

MagCloud, print on demand

Book five. Winter.

The final book of The Devil Fell Short. Colour photographs and text naming use of buildings describe the last part of the journey between The Hemlockstone and Lenton Priory at the turning of the year.

20.5 x 27.3cm

Perfect bound